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College students. Their willingness to learn, technological savviness, and lower salary expectations mean they provide the highest value for the lowest cost of any potential employee.

However, connecting with and vetting the best college students is a lot easier said than done.

We want to help businesses–regardless of your company size or budget–grow a talent pipeline of these assets and get projects done by making it easier to set up flexible, paid opportunities during the school year.

We do this by helping create a flexible project outline or part-time internship description, finding students interested in the opportunity, and coordinating the vetting process.

For the vetting process, we can help you either coordinate an interview, or have potential interns complete Intasks–valuable, non-priority project for your business.

Why Intasks? We believe having students compete paid, valuable projects for your company will help you vet the talent better than any interview. You also get a valuable project done for cheaper than having a full-time hire do it.

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This should only take a few minutes.

We'll ask you a few questions about your business's talent needs. Then, we'll get to work creating the flexible project outline or part-time internship description.

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Nowadays, businesses can collaborate remotely on flexible schedules using tools like Slack, Asana, Trello, Basecamp, etc.

We want to find the best students for your project or part-time internship, and we believe allowing students to work flexibly can help you attract top college students.

How often would you allow interns to work remotely? *

Do you have a description for your {{answer_37629355}} project or part-time internship? *

No worries if you don't, that's why we're here.
Great! Please upload your {{answer_37629355}} internship description.

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No worries! Could you please just briefly describe what type of work you want done during the {{answer_37629355}} project or part-time internship?

It doesn't have to be too long, we'll contact you to set up a consultation to create the full project or internship description.

"I'm looking for someone to create a spreadsheet of potential leads"
"I need new financial models done"
"Direct sales help."
"I need help with my social media & Facebook ads."
What qualities would the ideal student possess, and what would an awesome  {{answer_37629355}} intern look like at  {{answer_39810203}}? *

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